How to request a certified grade transcript, certificate or copy?

Certified transcripts

To request a certified grade transcript, please send an email to the SSC stating: 

  • name, degree programme and student number 

  • whether you want the transcript to be in Dutch or in English 

  • how many copies you need

In principle, you can pick up the transcript the next day, on condition we have received your application before 12 noon on a working day. 

Certified copies of Bachelor’s and Master’s diplomas

As soon as you have received your diploma you can have certified copies made at the SSC. You can just drop by during opening hours, but be sure to bring:

  • a valid proof of identity, or an authorisation from the owner of the diploma 

  • a copy of either the English or the Dutch diploma

  • a copy of the diploma supplement 

Graduation certificates (afstudeerverklaring) for bachelor and master

To request a graduation certificate please send an e-mail to the SSC, in which you state:

  • that you need a graduation certificate

  • your name

  • your student number

  • your department

: you can only apply for a graduation certificate after all your grades have been entered in uSis!

Last Modified: 06-10-2014