Study advisers

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Study-related questions

You can ask your study adviser all your study-related questions, for instance, about:

  • the content and structure of the programme
  • course and examination regulations
  • study planning and approach
  • choosing a major/track
  • internships and optional courses
  • studying abroad
  • thesis-related problems
  • potential study delays
  • referrals to Psychological Counsellors, Student Counsellors and Career Advisers.

N.B: Make sure you ask him/her for help in good time if you are likely to incur a study delay. It is also important to let him/her know of any personal circumstances that might cause a delay in your study progress. The study advisers can also help you with other issues. Depending on the nature of the question, they will either give advice themselves or refer you to someone else, or contact another department of the organisation.

Last Modified: 25-07-2016