When am I eligible for the Honours College FSW

You have...

  • good study results (7.5 average or higher) 

  • succesfully completed the first year of your study in one academic year

  • a strong motivation

  • and a great curiosity

Joining the Honours College in your second year - start September 2017

If you decide after your first-year exams that you want to take part in the Honours College, you can join the programme in your second year. Use the digital enrolment form to apply. Deadline for enrolment to join the Honours College in your second year: September 2017.

You can catch up on the 5 ECs you missed from the first year later in your Honours College track. Your Honours Coach will advise you on this. 

The following documents are required for your application:

- a certified grade transcript of your current Bachelor's programme, not older than two weeks, available via the Student Services Centre,
- a certified grade transcript of your high school grades,
- motivation letter in which you provide arguments why you should be admitted to the Honours College FSW,
- your curriculum vitae.

Enrolling in the first year - start February 2018

You can participate in year 1 of the Honours College FSW in the second semester of your first year.  A new group will start in February 2018. Information about the enrolment procedure will be published on this website in December 2017.

Enrolment Individual Track and Double Bachelor+ Track

Would you like to sign up for the Individual Track of the Double Bachelor+ Track? This can be done via the Honours Academy website.

Read more about enrolling in the Individual Track and the Double Bachelor+ Track.

Registration form for the Individual Track
Registration form for the Double Bachelor+ Track

Procedure for enrolment

Read more about the procedure for enrolment for the Honours College.

Last Modified: 27-06-2017