Individual Track

In the Individual Track the emphasis lies on deepening your knowledge within your own discipline and/or broadening your knowledge by taking courses from outside that discipline. What strikes you as a good preparation for your later mission in your professional life?

The starting point for this track is that you yourself come up with an overall theme – and it can be as broad as you like. This means you put together a specific package of courses, choosing from a wide range of subjects.You also participate in the interdisciplinary courses on offer in the Honours programmes at Leiden University: Leiden University College (LUC). Students take a minimum of:

  • one interdisciplinary Honours class;
  • a 3 EC supplement to their Bachelor thesis;
  • 2 ECs (or more) from the Honours College FSW modules.

Structure of the Individual Track

Participants in the Individual Track obtain a total of 30 ECs to complete the track, including:

  • Courses to deepen and broaden your knowledge (20 ECs)
    These are taken from the regular range of courses:
    - Advanced courses in own discipline, 5 ECs per course (2 or 3 courses);
    - Courses from other discipline, 5 ECs per course (2 or 3 courses);
    - Compulsory supplement to undergraduate dissertation worth 3 ECs;
    - Mini research internship worth 1 EC;
    - Societal internship worth 2 or 3 ECs. 

  • Interdisciplinary Honours courses (10 ECs)
    1 Honours Class worth 5 ECs;
    - LUC courses;
    - Honours College FSW modules.

Within this framework, each student puts together his or her own Individual Track, which is then agreed and approved in consultation with the student’s Honours Coach. As a rule, students take 5 ECs in the second semester of their first year, 15 ECs in second year, and 10 ECs in third year. In consultation with his or her coach, a student may decide to distribute these ECs differently over the years for scheduling reasons (or to accommodate study abroad).

All elements of the Honours Track are extra-curricular, i.e. they do not form part of the regular requirements for the Bachelor programme in the student’s own discipline and do not count towards the regular Bachelor degree.

Requirements for admission to the Individual Track

  • You have a GPA of 7.5 or higher;
  • You are on target to complete your studies within the prescribed time;
  • You convince us of your motivation to take part in the Honours programme.

Once you are admitted, the procedure is as follows:
  • You are assigned an Honours Coach;
  • You consult with your Honours Coach about your specific proposal for this track;
  • You submit the final proposal for your Individual Track.

The FSW Honours College Examination Board approves the proposal or an amended version of the proposal.

Once your proposal has been approved, you will have two progress review interviews per academic year with your Honours Coach. If it proves necessary to modify your Individual Track as you go along, first consult your Honours Coach. You will then need to submit your revised proposal to the Honours College FSW Examination Board for re-approval.

Last Modified: 13-01-2015