Programme Honours College FSW

Science & Society Track

In the Science and Society track we look at scientific research and its influence on society. Important societal questions demand an interdisciplinary approach, so we invite scholars and scientists from various disciplines to discuss their research and share their knowledge of their field.

Individual Track

In the Individual Track the emphasis lies on deepening your knowledge within your own discipline and/or broadening your knowledge by taking courses from outside that discipline. What strikes you as a good preparation for your later mission in your professional life?

Double Bachelor+ Track

During or at the end of your first year at university, you may decide to take a second Bachelor alongside your original programme. In this case, you may be eligible to take an Honours Certificate in the Double Bachelor+ Track. You do, however, have to meet certain conditions.

Other Universitary Honours Tracks

Do you want to take part in the Honours College FSW, but you are not a student at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences? The FSW Honours College is open to Bachelor students of all faculties of Leiden University who meet the selection criteria.

Honours Classes

Honours Classes are part of the extracurricular honours programme that Leiden University offers its bachelor's students. An Honours Class is a course of high quality that tackles complex scientific and social issues in an interdisciplinary manner.

Honours Classes are part of the Bachelor's honours programme offered at Leiden University. As interdisciplinary education, tackling complex scientific and social issues, an Honours Class is an extracurricular module of high quality.

Honours College students are required to follow at least one Honours Class. This year, there is a choice of 38 different Classes about all sorts of topics.

If you are interested in following an extracurricular course of 5 EC, but not participating in the Honours College, there is still a possibility for you to follow an Honours Class; please see the 'Registration' page.