Ambassadors’ Committee

The Honours College FSW Ambassadors’ Committee was set up by and for students. The purpose of the committee is to make students aware of the Honours College programme and the members aim to communicate their enthusiasm about the Honours College FSW programme.

What can the Ambassadors’ Committee do for you?

The committee is there to inform students and answer any questions they may have about the Honours College FSW. You can put your questions by mail or, if you prefer, make an appointment to discuss your questions in person.

We have an information stand at Open Days, Experience Days, the EL CID Introduction Week, and we drop in on lectures in all the FSW study programme to tell students about our experiences of the Honours College FSW. We also represent the Honours College FSW at official occasions such as the annual Dies natalis of Leiden University and the opening of the academic year.


The members of the Ambassadors’ Committee are always there to answer your questions and are happy to share their experiences. To find out more contact us and/or follow us on Facebook!

Members of the Ambassadors’ Committee

The members of the Ambassadors’ Committee are:

  • Amber Lauwers (Political Science)

  • Carmelita Gaal (International Bachelor Psychology)

  • Claire de Jong (Psychology)

  • Eline Jorritsma (CA/DS)

  • Erik Korenstra, Secretary (Political Science)

  • Fleur Jeras (Latin American studies)

  • Jet Lageman (Psychology)

  • Jinne Samson (Political Science)

  • Jelle van Bezooijen (Psychology)

  • Kaitlan McKinney (International Bachelor Psychology)

  • Michelle van der Blij (Psychology)

  • Roos de Laet, Chair (Psychology)

  • Sammy Wals (Psychology)

  • Zhengbang Deng (International Bachelor Psychology)

Last Modified: 02-02-2017