Student testimonials

Katalin Róth - International Bachelor of Psychology

The Honours Programme caught my attention, even before I went to university. First I was scared it would be too much, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! Interesting lectures, great field trips and it never felt as too much. I joined the EduCom, in which I organised our first field trip. I was also a board member of the sustainability committee of the university. I do a lot of sports and enjoy parties once in a while. I like my busy life, and Honours College is a great part of it. It really helps to focus on my goals and to develop my competencies. There is always room for new ideas and I really like that.

Tessa van Staden - International Bachelor of Psychology

In my first bachelor year I declined to participate several times, because I was afraid that extra-curricular activities would take up too much of my time, but this year I said ‘yes’. What really drove me to sign up after all is the way in which the Honours courses are so different from the regular bachelor curriculum. The program offers so many interesting courses that, for me, it was a bummer that you can only pick a certain number of them. What also attracted me, is that Honours courses are set up in such a way that allows you to bring much more of your own to the table, and go wilder and crazier with ideas than normal workgroups would allow. Besides the cool courses the program offers quite a lot of privileges; you get to meet cool and smart people, go places you normally probably would not go and you’ll learn valuable skills.

Bao Fang - Psychology

The Honours College Science and Society track gives you the possibility to broaden your horizons. It is an interactive track with a critical look at current societal themes and gives you the perfect opportunity to work together with students from different studies. In addition, you also get to know a lot of fun people and there are countless activities like drinks, excursions and study trips abroad!

Last Modified: 06-01-2016