Internship: Accreditation Dutch MSc in Psychology

Students who start with a master’s programme in Psychology at Leiden University should be aware that all Dutch master’s programmes in Psychology are accredited by the Dutch Government (the NVAO) and lead to a Master of Science in Psychology title according to Dutch Law. However, the harmonisation of programmes throughout Europe is not yet complete. So every international student has to examine the specific regulations in his or her home country to assess the value of the Dutch Master title. The Leiden University master’s programme (one year) includes an internship of 10 EC, which can be extended to 20 EC.

Our international students within the field of Health Care Psychology
There are however very limited possibilities for English-speaking students to find an optional extended internship of at least half a year, supervised by staff of the university, since there are not that many organisations with English speaking staff, clients or patients in The Netherlands. Especially within the field of Health Care psychology (Clinical psychology, Health psychology, Neuropsychology, Child & Adolescent psychology and School Psychology) a one year master's programme is not sufficient to automatically produce legally accepted competence in practising psychology in every European Union Member State or other European country in which the profession or the title 'psychologist' is regulated legally or by other means. Therefore students are advised to inform in advance whether they will be deemed competent to practise the profession of psychology or use the title of psychologist in any European country other than The Netherlands in which the profession of psychologist has been regulated after having obtained the degree of MSc in Psychology at Leiden University.

Either choose

  • 10 EC research internship Psycholgy
  • 10 EC practical internship Psychology
  • 10 EC internal practical internship Psychology (in the field of Health Care or School Psychology)
  • Or examine before starting your MSc in The Netherlands the possibilities and accreditation for doing a MSc internship in your home country as part of your MSc programme. 
Please see also the e-Prospectus.

Last Modified: 06-03-2017