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Are you considering a master's degree in psychology at Leiden University? Presentations of the Master's Information Day on 10 March 2017 are online now. Find out more about the psychology master's specialisations you prefer. Save the date for your next master's information event in November and December.

Laila of Portugal, Bachelor in Psychology

Laila of Portugal, Bachelor in Psychology

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Presentations Master's Information Day on 4 November 2016

Premasterprogramma Psychologie 

Tips and information about:

  • Career perspectives and the labour market in relation to the various master specialisations;

  • The importance of the different internships;

  • Degree duration and individual profiling during your master’s programme.

MSc in Psychology: How to plan your master’s programme to prepare for a career  

Information about all master's specialisations

  • What the specialisation is;

  • Thesis topics and internships

  • Possible follow-up degrees

  • What you can do with the study in the job market


MSc in Psychology programme (research)

MSc in Psychology:
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Clinical Neuropsychology
Clinical Psychology
Economic and Consumer Psychology
Health and Medical Psychology
Methodology and Statistics in Psychology
Occupational Health Psychology
School Psychology
Social and Organisational Psychology

Master's programmes in psychology at Leiden University


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