Science day Psychology 2014

Science day Psychology is devoted to the research carried out by our Honours Bachelor students and our Research Master students. On 3 July, there was ample opportunity not only to listen to students, but also to discuss the research they have set out to conduct. Watch Facebook Leiden Psychology for the scientific atmosphere.


Science day 2014

Science day 2014

PROGRAMME July 3, 2014


15.00   Introduction

15.05   Honours Research Bachelor Projects: 

  • Introduction by Dr. Fenna Poletiek

  • Presentations by Suzanne van de Groep en Vera Mekern 

  • Granting of the HRBP certificates

15.25   Honours Lectures

  • Introduction by Dr. Fenna Poletiek

  • Presentation by Naomi Vlegels en Laura de Vries

  • Granting of the Honours Lectures certificates

15.45   MSc Psychology (research)

  • Introduction by Dr. Arjaan Wit

  • Presentation by Tina van Dam, MSc Psychology (research) track Cognitive Neuroscience
    Title: “Our brain works very hard to reduce unwanted prejudice”

  • Presentation by Deva Schönherr, MSc Psychology (research) track Clinical and Health Psychology
    Title: “Deep brain stimulation may reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease”


16.20 – 17.00 Poster presentations

  • students of the Honours Research Bachelor Projects

  • students of the MSc Psychology (research) and reception


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