New external website goes live 10 December

The first part of the new website will go live on 10 December. This includes the homepage, the faculty websites and the sections About us, Research, Academic Staff, and News and Calendar. The following are some questions and answers about the new site.

Diminishing tolerance in the Netherlands threat to liberal society

The Upper and Lower Houses of the Dutch Parliament are struggling with how tolerance should best be interpreted. As a result, the freedom in the Netherlands for people who hold alternative views is diminishing. This is Floris Mansvelt Beck’s conclusion on the basis of his PhD research. Defence on 2 December.

2 december, 2015: PhD defence Cris Boonen

How are borders drawn? More specifically, how do diplomatic actors manage the implications of changes in state sovereignty for international borders? Leiden political scientist Cris Boonen addresses these questions in her dissertation' Borders in Dispute: The Construction of State and Nation in International Diplomacy', to be defended on Wednesday 2 December 2015.

1 December, 2015: Public panel discussion 'Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe'

Why are so many refugees knocking at the doors of Europe? What to make of Europe's—or rather: the various European countries'—response to this challenge? These urgent questions will be addressed in the public panel discussion 'After Alan Kurdi: Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe'. Leiden University's Institute of Political Science has invited four speakers to explore the current crisis. You are welcome to join them on Tuesday 1 December 2015, from 15:15 to 17:00.

6 November, 2015: Master's Information Day

Are you about to complete or have you recently finished your Bachelor’s degree? Are you wondering where to go from there? Are you interested in analysing political conflict? Would a research master be an option for you? Or would you rather focus on international organisation? Visit the Political Science Master’s Information Day and find out. You are welcome Friday 6 November, 2015.

Leiden political scientists advise US diplomats

Leiden political scientists Yvonne Kleistra and Niels van Willigen have advised the United States State Department as to how to evaluate its foreign policy. Point of departure was a scientific model that Kleistra and Van Willigen have developed on the basis of their work for the Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry. A nice example of how political science integrates theory and practice.

Boyd Leupen wins MSc Thesis Prize 2015

Boyd Leupen has won the Institute of Political Science MSc Thesis Prize 2015. With 'Refuting asymmetrical Kantianism: On the moral standing of animals', Leupen completed his Political Science master studies and contributed an excellent piece of scholarly work. According to the jury, his thesis stands out for its 'erudition, commitment, and depth of argument.'

'Media and Politics 2.0'

Political scientist Rebekah Tromble has been awarded a fellowship and seat at the Leiden University Teachers' Academy. She will use the associated facilities to innovate her 'Politics and Media' course. The ambition is to find new ways for students to deepen their knowledge about the role of media (old and new) in present-day society—not only by studying this phenomenon, but also by actively engaging in journalism and modern media work themselves, as citizen journalists.

Back by popular demand: MOOC on African federalism

'Federalism & Decentralisation: Evaluating Africa's Track Record', Jan Erk's (Leiden University Institute of Political Science) open online course is open again. After a very succesful run last Summer, Coursera now offers the course on-demand, with a flexible schedule.

25 September, 2015: Opening Central and East European Studies Center

Friday 25 September, 2015 marks the official launch of Leiden University's Central and East European Studies Center. From 17:00 to 19:00 you are welcome at Campus The Hague for the opening lecture. The speaker is Luke March, a political scientist and expert from the University of Edinburgh. He will address the topical issue of Russia's policy towards Ukraine.

9 September, 2015: Gerald Gaus on Moral Learning in Open Societies

On Wednesday 9 September 2015 from 15:00 to 17:00 Gerald Gaus, a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, will present a paper on 'Moral Learning in the Open Society: The Theory and Practice of Natural Liberty' at Leiden University's Centre for Political Philosophy. Professor Gauss will address the question whether a commitment to natural liberty, as the default in a system of rules, is somehow implicit in our moral thinking.

Welcome, new political science master students!

The Political Science, Political Science: International Organisation, and Political Science & Public Administration: Research master programmes kick off on Monday 31 August 2015. Below, our new master students will find an overview of what the first study day looks like and what they should know beforehand.