Master Thesis Lab assistant

The Thesis Lab assistant (also known as 'Scriptieatelier medewerker', or SAM in Dutch) can give you advice on, for example, finding literature and structuring the thesis. The SAM can refer you to a statistical advisor, or point you to a book or website where you can find the answer to your question.

Keep in mind that you yourself – together with your thesis supervisor – have the final responsibility for the thesis. Always discuss important decisions and changes with your supervisor. Also, note that the SAM will not read your thesis through or advise you on questions regarding the content.

Things the SAM can do for you:

  • Give advice on how to structure the time spent on your thesis;
  • Give advice on general lay-out;
  • Help to think about the consequences of your choices;
  • Help you with practical SPSS of R problems;
  • Make an appointment with the statistical advisors (e.g. for more advanced SPSS or other statistical problems);
  • Make an appointment with the staff members of the Master Thesis Lab who are specialized in qualitative research;
  • Give you information on where to find information about various aspects of writing your thesis. 

Things the SAM cannot do for you:

  • Read (parts of your) Master Thesis;
  • Give advice concerning the specific and specialist content of your thesis;
  • Provide critical comments on the content of your thesis;
  • Act as a substitute for your thesis supervisor (also not when your supervisor is not available during a longer period);
  • Take responsibility for your choices with respect to any part of your thesis.