Award winners 2013

Several members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences' staff and students have been awarded grants, prizes, fellowships etc. to encourage their work, research and study performances.

Saskia Euser

PhD candidate Saskia Euser (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the 'Poster Promovendiprijs 2013', the prize for the best PhD poster, for her poster 'Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse: Increased Risk for Children in Residential Care'.

Anja van der Voort

Anja van der Voort MA (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the 'Excellente Docent Pedagogische Wetenschappen 2013', the prize for excellent teaching in Education and Child Studies. She received the award for the continuous high appreciation she receives from student evaluations and her great effort in the improvement of education at the institute.

Roxette van den Bosch

Roxette van den Bosch (Education and Child Studies) won the Emile Thesis Prize 2013 with her Master thesis ''Kindergartners' visual attention during storybook reading and subsequent vocabulary learning'.

Lorenza Colzato

Dr. Lorenza Colzato (Psychology) was awarded a NWO Vidi grant (€800.000) for her research on the effects of tyrosine on cognition and goal-directed behavior.

Nora Dörrenbächer

Political Science student Nora Dörrenbächer received the Political Science Master's Thesis Prize 2013 for her thesis Legislative Transposition of EU Migration Directives: A Matter of Coalition Conflict? 

David Bos

Political Science student David Bos received the Van der Berg Bachelor's Thesis Prize 2013 for his study on the concept of personalization and populism.

Renske Huffmeijer and Ralph Rippe

Dr. Renske Huffmeijer and Dr. Ralph Rippe (Education and Child Studies), together with Dr. Viara Mileva-Seitz of the Erasmus Medical Centre, received a 97.500 Euro grant of the Jacobs Foundation for their research on individual differences in sensitivity to dopamine and the effects on parenting.

Riel Vermunt

Dr. Riël Vermunt (Psychology) has been awarded the International Society for Justice Research Life Time Achievement Award. This award has been given to Vermunt in recognition of the many contributions to the advancement of justice research, his critical role in the formation of the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR) and his long and valuable commitment to the society. 

Anne-Laura van Harmelen

Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen (Psychology) was awarded a NWO Rubicon grant for her research on the effects of the social environment such as friendships on cognitive and brain development in the aftermath of childhood maltreatment. The grant will enable her to continue her research for two years at the University of Cambridge (USA).

Andrea Evers

Andrea Evers (Psychology) was granted a ERC Consolidator Grant.

Yentl Croese

Yentl Croese, bachelor student Education and Child Studies/Honours College FSW, was awarded the first Honours Academy Star. In 2010 Yentl inititiated the yearly Honours College concerts in which coordinators, lectureres and students perform. Also, Yentl not only came up with the concept, she actively helped with all the preparations, e.g., the auditions and the organisation of the concert itself.

Szilvia Biro and Stephan Huijbregts

Szilvia Biro, Stephan Huijbregts (both Education and Child Studies) and Claartje Levelt (Humanities) have received a LUF-Gratama grant of € 25.000 for their research project 'Prenatal Tobacco Exposure and Infant Social Cognition: A Study with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy'.

Fatih Toprak

Fatih Toprak (Psychology) has received the first NIP Sherazade Prize for his master thesis titled ‘Testing the effect of (extended) positive and negative contact on prejudice between non-Muslim and Muslim adolescents in the Netherlands’.

Luzia Helfer

Luzia Helfer MSc (Political Science) has received a BOF grant from the University of Antwerp.


The Interuniversity Graduate School of Psychometrics and Sociometrics (IOPS) reveived an NWO grant of € 800.000,- for the training of young researchers. Leiden University chairs this Graduate School and the application was made by professor Willem Heiser (Psychology).

Serena Does

Dr. Serena Does (Psychology) has received the Social Issues Dissertation Award 2013 from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues for her dissertation titled 'At the Heart of Egalitarianism'.

Kiki Zanolie

Dr. Kiki Zanolie (Psychology) was awarded a two-year AXA Research Fund fellowship for her project titled 'Why not? The neural signature of social status in adolescence: implications for sensitivity to social rejection and risk-taking.'

Pascal Haazebroek

Pascal Haazebroek (Psychology) was awarded the first faculty's 'Onderwijsinnovatieprijs' for his 'Pitch2Peer website.

Madelon Hendricx-Riem

Dr. Madelon Hendricx-Riem (Education and Child Studies) is the winner of the Excellence in Attachment Research Dissertation Award. This award is given by the of the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (SEAS).

Daniela Stockmann

Dr. Daniela Stockmann (Political Science) was granted an ERC Starting Grant. This grant will enable her to do perform research into the role of Social media in China and how the Chinese authorities manage this.

Sophie van Rijn

Dr. Sophie van Rijn (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the 'Gratama Wetenschapsprijs' on the grounds of her impressive research and her visions regarding future research.

Rien van IJzendoorn

Professor Rien van IJzendoorn (Education and Child Studies) is awarded the 'Dr. Hendrik Muller Prijs' for all his works from the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

Hanna Swaab

L.t.r.: Hanna Swaab and Christine Espin

L.t.r.: Hanna Swaab and Christine Espin

Professor Hanna Swaab (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the 'Best Leerboek 2010-2012 Prijs' from the Institute of Education and Child Studies for her book 'Klinische kinderneuropsychologie'.

'In short, this book is an impressive collection of up-to-date information that will likely improve the diagnosis and treatment of children with neuropsychological conditions.' (quote from the jury report)

René van der Veer and Diane Smidts

René van der Veer and Diane Smidts were awarded the Piet Vroon Award 2009-2012 by the Institute of Education and Child Studies.

Eveline Crone

Prof. Eveline Crone (Psychology) was chosen to become a member of the Royal Dutch Academie of Sciences (KNAW). Membership is for life.

Peter Putman

Dr. Peter Putman (Psychology) was awarded an NWO Vidi grant to study psychological and neurobiological processes involved in test anxiety and other forms of cognitive performance anxiety. This grant is enough to finance five years of research.

Ellen Bruijn

Dr. Ellen Bruijn (Psychology) was awarded a NWO Vidi grant. This grant is enough to finance five years of her research on the effects of oxytocin on patients suffering from social anxieties and psychopathic disorders.

Daan Jacobs

The winning team with their trophy

The winning team with their trophy

Daan Jacobs (Political Science), together with four other leiden students won the tv 'De Grote Willem Quiz'. The students had to answer 50 questions on many famous Williams. Ranging from the current Dutch king to William Shakespeare.

Watch the quiz (in Dutch)

Kim de Jong

Kim de Jong (Psychology) was awarded an NWO Rubicon grant, which will enable her continue her research at the University of Pennsyvania (USA) for two years.

Paul van de Broek

Professor Paul van den Broek (Education and Child Stdueis) was awarded  € 340.000,- for his research within the European MUSE project.

Hanna Swaab

Professor Hanna Swaab (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the Betto Deelman Prize for her special work in the field of Neuropsychology.

Carolien Rieffe and Lizette Ketelaar

Prof. Carolien Rieffe and drs. Lizette Ketelaar (Psychology) were awarded the Publication Award by the 'Wetenschappelijk Tijdschrift Autisme".

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker MPhil (Political Science) was awarded the Daniël Heinsius Thesis Award 2013 for her master thesis 'Democracies, autocracies, liberal norms and the use of force. An experimental approach to the democratic peace thesis'.

Serge Rombouts

Prof. Serge Rombouts (LUMC/Psychology) was granted a prestigious NWO Vici grant of 1,5 million euro. He hopes to detect early signs of dementia via the analysis of brain scans.

Prof. Bernhard Hommel

Cognitive psychologist Bernhard Hommel has become member of  the 'Leopoldina', i.e., the 'Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften'. Membership of the Leopoldina is a sign of international recognition.

Prof. Adriana Bus

Adriana Bus (Child and Adolescent Studies) was chosen to become a member of the Reading Hall of Fame as a result of her research into emergent literacy and reading problems.

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