Award winners 2006

Several members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences' staff have been awarded grants and prizes to encourage their groundbreaking research.

Linda Booij

Psychologist Linda Booij received the Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Her research focuses on depression as a riskfactor for heartdiseases. Sometimes depression coincides with irritability, anger, and a diminished control of impulses. She will examine whether these emotions or this behaviour increases the probability of heart failure among people who are depressed.

Marije Braakman

Cultural Antropologist Marije Braakman was awarded the master thesis award for her thesis 'Roots and routes: Questions of home, belonging and return in an Afghan Diaspora'. Her thesis provides an insight in experiences of Afghans in Germany about home and beloning in relation to their attitude about returning to Afghanistan.

Henk Dekker

Henk Dekker was awarded the prestigious Nevitt Sanford Award from the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP). Professor Dekker conducts research on explanations for national stereotypes, national identities, nationalism, and other national and international political orientations and behaviours, including voting behaviour.

Mark de Rooij

Psychologist Mark de Rooij received the Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for his research on patterns of behavioural change. This research examines change patterns with a view to being able to predict future changes. Inspired by Newton's law of gravity, the researchers are mapping behavioural changes.

Bernet Elzinga

Psychologist Bernet Elzinga was admitted as a new member to The Young Academy (KNAW), a group of young researchers of outstanding scientific ability within the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Elzinga studies the influences of the neurological factors of trauma and stress on cognitive functions, in particular the emotional memory.

Femmie Juffer

Femmie Juffer was awarded the Casimir award for the best teacher in de Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, because of her outstanding courses in Education and Child studies, her excellent guidance of students, and they way in which she stimulates her students. The award is named after Rommert Casimir, who was appointed the first professor in Education in 1918.

Andre Keizer

Andre Keizer, cognitive psychologist, was awarded the poster prize NWO Autumnschool for his poster "Active Memory: Pathways through the Brain in Memory and Action".  

Mette Leons

Mette Leons, department of Public Administration, was awarded the Staff award for the best performing supportive staff member within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Maartje Luijk

Maartje Luijk was awarded the Emile thesis award of the department of Education and Child studies for her master thesis 'Opgroeien in een kindertehuis: een meta-analyse nar de gevolgen voor de cognitieve ontwikkeling van kinderen'. She carried out a meta-analysis of 75 studies comparing the cognitive development of children in children's homes with children in foster homes.

Sander Nieuwenhuis

Sander Nieuwenhuis, cognitive psychologist, was awarded two prizes. The Young Scientist Award of the Federation of European Psychophysiology Societies (FEPS), and the A.N.T. (Advanced Neuro Technology) Young Scientist Award. He is interested in how the brain regulates and monitors information processing to optimize behavioral performance. His primary focus is on the functions of the prefrontal cortex and the noradrenergic system. In his research he uses EEG, fMRI, psychofarmacology, computational models, and various behavioral methods.

Ilse Noens

Ilse Noens, department of Education and Child studies, was awarded the departmental Best doctoral dissertation award for her thesis 'Pieces of the puzzle : sense-making and communication in autism spectrum disorders'. The main objective was to explore the communicative problems in autism spectrum disorders from the viewpoint of the central coherence hypothesis and to find clues for assessment and intervention. In the framework of this thesis, the ComFor (Forerunners in Communication), an instrument for the indication of augmentative communication, was developed. Furthermore, the video ' in OTHER words'  was compiled to illustrate implementation of augmentative communication on the basis of the ComFor.

Sandra Resodihardjo

Sandra Resodihardjo, department of Public administration, was awarded the Blackboard award for her advanced use of this programme for her course 'Organisation and Policy Theory'.

Esther van den Bos

Esther van den Bos, cognitive psychologist, was awarded the Stipendium of the Niels Stensen Foundation. She will use the stipendium to continue her research at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York from September 2007.

Jacob van Gent

Jacob van Gent, department of Political Science, was awarded the departmental master thesis award for his thesis 'WTO Trade Disputes: An assesment of the Influence of Lobbies and Institutions'. Using international relations theory, the thesis accounts for the differences in behaviour between the US and the EU during trade negotiations in the WTO rounds.  

Colette van Laar

Psychologist Colette van Laar received the Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Her research focuses on the social psychology of low social status and stigma, and the consequences of stigma for cognition, emotion, motivation and performance. In addition to these topics, she conducts research on social identity and intergroup relations. She does both laboratory research with experimental groups and field research with existing low status or disadvantaged groups such as ethnic minorities and women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

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