Award winners 2015

Several members of the Faculty's staff and students have been awarded grants, prizes, fellowships etc. to encourage their work, research and study performances.

Anna van Duijvenvoorde

Anna van Duijvenvoorde (Psychology) was granrted the Open Research Area Award. With this grant Anna a 3-year research project called 'Adaptive social learning in typical and atypical developing adolescents' is made possible.

Femmie Juffer

Prof. Femmie Juffer (Education and Child Studies) received the Prijs Maatschappelijke Dienstverlenging 2011-2014 for her extensive research on adoption and foster care. The prize for research on social services handed out by the Insitute of Education and Child Studies every four years is an amount of € 1.000 to be spend on further research. 

Kees De Brabander and Rob Martens

Dr. Kees de Brabander and Prof. Rob Martens (Education and Child Studies) received the Earli Outstanding Publication Award 2015 from the European Association for Learning and Instruction (Earli) for their article 'Towards a unified theory of task-specific motivation' (Educational Review, 11, 27-44). 

Rebekah Tromble

Dr. Rebekah Tromble (Political Science) is selected to become one of the new fellows of the Leiden University Teachers' Academy, the collective of innovative lecturers from different faculties who get elected for five years to give an impulse to the quality of the Leiden University educational programmes.

Inge van der Weijden

Dr. Inge van der Weijden (Centre for Science and Technology Studies - CWTS) is the new new vice chair of European Sociology of Science and Technology Network (SSTNET), that provides a European platform for the development, discussion and dissemination of research on all social aspects of science and technology.

Sarah de Rijcke

Dr. Sarah de Rijcke (Centre for Science and Technology Studies - CWTS) is one of the new members of Science in Transition, a Dutch initiative in which an interdisciplinary group of scientists address the current state of the higher education system in the Netherlands and abroad through conferences, media appearances, policy briefs and scientific analyses.

Erik de Maaker

Dr. Erik de Maaker (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) received the ICSSR-NWO Social Science Collaboration grant for his project 'Markets, Ethics and Agency: Changing Land Utilization and Social Transformation in the Uplands of Northeast India'. The funding provides for in-depth multidisciplinary and empirical research into the so far neglected agency of upland farmers of Northeast India and their complex and changing relationship with markets and the state.

Lotte Krouwel

Lotte Krouwel B.A. received the Van den Berg Bachelor's thesis prize 2015 of the Institute of Political Science with her thesis 'Opportunities and constraints of decentralization in developing countries: A comparable cases study on the relationship between decentralization and development in East-Africa'.

Boyd Leupen

Boyd Leupen MSc. received the Institute of Political Science MSc Thesis Prize 2015 with his thesis ''Refuting asymmetrical Kantianism: On the moral standing of animals'. 

Andrea Evers

Prof. Andrea Evers (Psychology) is awarded he extra Proof of Concept funding for her research on expectations for health and disease.

Merlijn van Weerd

Drs. Merlijn van Weerd (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) is awarded the Parker/Gentry Award 2015 by the Chicago Field Museum. Van der Weerd is the first European researcher to be granted this honor. He received it for his commitment to biodiversity conservation awareness through his wildlife programme and Mabuwaya Foundation.

Rodrigo Cárcamo

Dr. Rodrigo Cárcamo (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the Dissertation Prize 2012-2014 of the Institute of Education and Child Studies for his disseration 'Childcare in Chile. The role of ethnicity and socioeconomic inequalities.'

Jop Groeneweg

Dr. Jop Groeneweg (Psychology) is admitted to the Leiden University Teachers' Academy. As Teaching Fellow he will receive a grant of €25.000 in five years to develop an evaluation method for the course 'Perspectief op Carrière-Planning', a course on career planning.

Jojanneke van der Toorn

Jojannke van der Toorn is awarded the de Roberta Sigel Junior Scholar Paper Award. The awartd consists of a certificate and 250 USD, and is named after professor Roberta Sigel, a big name in the field of political science at Rutgers University since 1973.

Antoinette van Laarhoven in Health and medical psychology

Antoinette van Laarhoven PhD (Psychology - Health and medical psychology) is awarded a Veni grant from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research (NWO).

Hanneke Hendriks

Hanneke Hendriks PhD (Psychology - Social and organisational psychology) is awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award of the International Communication Association. Also, she received a Veni grant from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research (NWO).

Lotte Melenhorst

Lotte Melenhorst, PhD candidate at Leiden University's Institute of Political Science, has been granted a Top Student Award by the International Communication Association's (ICA) Political Communication Panel for her paper on the role of the media in the legislative process.

Cathelijn Waaier

Cathelijn Waaijer MSc (CWTS) was awarded the 2015 Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Award at the 15th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics Conference at Istanbul. The Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation scholarship consists of an award of $3,000 donated by the Eugene Garfield Foundation to cover any research-related expenses.

Marianne Maeckelbergh

Dr. Marianne Maeckelbergh (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) is awarded an Aspasia grant
by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). With this grant she is positioned as Associate Professor at the institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology and will expand her multi-sited ethnographic research on political engagement and citizens' use of digital technology in different democracies.

Hanneke Hendriks

Hanneke Hendriks was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award of the International Communication Association. Inspired by the varying degrees of success of health campaigns, Her dissertation shows that interpersonal communication plays a vital role for the prediction of health behaviours and health campaign effects.

Margot Schel

Margot Schel (Psychology) was awarded an NWO Rubicon Grant. This grant will enable her to continue her research in Sweden at the prestigious Karolinska Institute. 

Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg

Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg (Education and Child Studies) was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for a project titled 'Father Trials: Hormonal and Behavioral Experiments on Prenatal and Postnatal Parenting'.

Adriana Bus, Karienke Kegel en Heleen van den Berg

Adriana Bus, Karienke Kegel en Heleen van den Berg (Education and Chlid Studies) received a grant of € 120.000,- for a project titled 'The first 30 million words'. The aim is to improve children's language input.

Manon Schutter

Manon Schutter (Psychology) is the first one to win the KNAW Jan Brouiwer Master Thesis Prize.

Erik de Maaker and Sanjukta Sundarason

Dr. Erik de Maaker (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) and Dr. Sanjukta Sundarason (LIAS) received a AMT ‘Large Grant’ of €150.000 from the Leiden research profile Asian Modernities en Traditions for the research project ‘Postcolonial Displacements: Migration, Narratives and Place-Making in South Asia.’ The three-year project will focus on migration, ethnicity, nation and state in South Asia and will start 1 September, 2015.

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker (Political Science) was awarded a grant from the IPRAF (International Peace Research Organization Foundation) for her PhD research into the influence of political culture of different political regimes on individuals of these societies.

Kalinka Timmer

Kalinka Timmer (Psychology) was awarded a NWO Rubicon grant for her research on growing up bilingually. The grant will provide for two years of research at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Speech Production and Biligualism Group, University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain).

Melissa Vermeulen, Marloes de Vin, Sanne de Vries and Lien Vermeersch

L.t.r: Melissa Vermeulen, Marloes de Vin and Sanne de Vries

L.t.r: Melissa Vermeulen, Marloes de Vin and Sanne de Vries

Melissa Vermeulen, Marloes de Vin and Sanne de Vries (CA-OS) were awarded the Speckmann Prize for the Best Fieldwork Report.

Lien Vermeersch (CA-OS) was awarded the 2015 Speckmann Prize for the Best Master Thesis.

Manon Schutter

Manon Schutter (Psychology) was awarded the Jan Brouwer Master Thesis Prize of the 'Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen'. Previously, she received the prize for best master's thesis 2014 from the Institute of Psychology.

Eveline Crone

Prof. Eveline Crione (Psychology) was awarded a Vici as part of NWO's Innovation Research Incentives scheme. The grant consists of 1.5 million euros to set up a research group and employ PhD candidates.

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