12 May, 2016: Food for Thought Meeting on scientific research

Mark de Rooij, Mariëlle Linting and Tom Louwerse will focus on recent lessons from the 'Crisis in scientific research' and how experts in Methodology and Statistics can bring research to a next level. This meeting is chaired by prof. Michiel Westenberg.

Beyond intuition: how sensible use of methodology can improve scientific research.

More and more scientific research is performed. The distinction between research and scientific research is in the use of well prescribed methodology. Yet, current scientific research is under attack and methodology is being questioned.

Mark de Rooij (Institute of Psychology) will discuss early results of Kahneman and Tversky showing that statistics is difficult for everybody and that people simply are not cognitively equipped to be good statisticians. From that point of view he discusses the reproducibility crisis in psychology, the value of p-values, and good research practices (as opposed to questionable research practices).

Mariëlle Linting (Institute of Education and Child Studies) will discuss how interesting patterns might be missed if standard methods are used without properly looking at the data. She will illustrate this point by an empirical example of a nonlinear relationship between noise and emotional well-being in child care centers.

Tom Louwerse (Institute of Political Science) will discuss the sense and nonsense of political polls. Many polls are based on convenience samples and often little changes in polls are widely reported in news articles. The 'Peilingwijzer' (polling indicator) offers an alternative that combines, in a sensible way, results of existing polls.

Practical details

Date  Thursday 12 May, 2016
Time  12:00-13:00
Location  Room 1.A20
Registration  Please email Reineke Mom (Friday 6 May, 2016 at the latest) so we can order you a lunch bag.

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