Food for Thought

29 September, 2016: Food for Thought on educational research

The Dean of the Graduate School cordially invites you to attend this year's 4th meeting. Eddie Denessen, Nikolaus Steinbeis, and Thijs Jan van Schie will discuss the impact of educational contexts on teaching and learning from the different research perspectives of sociology of education, educational psychology and neuroscience, and cultural anthropology.

18 February, 2016: Food for Thought meeting

The Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences invites you to attend the first 2016 Food for Thought meeting. This year’s theme is "passing the baton", and on Thursday 18 February speakers are Dr. Mark Westmoreland, Prof. Judi Mesman and Prof. Joop van Holsteyn. The meeting is chaired by Prof. Gerard Persoon. 

23 April, 2015: Food for Thought ‘Interdisciplinary research: the future of science’

The importance of interdisciplinarity in science for innovations and groundbreaking research is increasingly recognized. To demonstrate the unexpected points of view, creative potential and additional value of interdisciplinarity in science, this Food For Thought meeting will be organized by the group of prof. Andrea Evers (Health, Medical and Neuropsychology Unit). All staff and students are welcome!

24 September, 2013: Food for Thought meeting with Rudy Andeweg

The Graduate School invites you to attend the Anniversary Food for Thought Meetings: 'Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Highlights and Development 1963-2013'. Presenter prof. Rudy Andeweg will discuss how history affected the research programme of Leiden political science?

4 June, 2013: Food for Thought with Frits van der Meer

Public Adminstration was the last institute to join our faculty and the first one leave us. However, for almost three decades they were our colleagues in the Pieter de la Court building. Prof. Frits van der Meer shed his light on the development of the discipline and of the institute.