Multivariate analysis

Multivariate analysis is a field of statistics and data analysis. It deals with data consisting of the scores of several entities/subjects on more than one variable.

Cluster Adoption and foster care

Historical and ethological studies have shown that human beings, like many non-human species, are adapted to devote their parental investment to genetically unrelated children.

Cluster Child care

Others than mothers and fathers contribute to children’s development. The number of mothers who return to the workforce after childbirth has grown rapidly, whereas fathers generally do not cut down their working hours. Thus, out-of-home child care has become an important environment in which young children’s development is shaped.

Cluster Child maltreatment

Child maltreatment, including abuse and neglect, occurs all over the world, in different cultures within and across countries. There are indications that low socio-economic status, unemployment, and single parenthood are risk factors for maltreatment, but the question how these and other factors increase the risk for maltreatment still needs to be explored.