Course information

Admission and registration

Here you will find information on admission and registration requirements of the Bachelor course, Summer course, and the methodological MA track 'Visual Ethnography as a Method'. To participate in our MA track in the Master's, you require a BA degree in CA-DS or equivalent and have to have completed one of the Bachelor courses in Visual Methods.

Equipment and facilities

The use of audio and video equipment and editing facilities for course training is included in the Universities admission fee. There is no additional bench fee. However, students wishing to use this audio and video equipment during their field research must pass a skills test and pay an insurance fee.


Since its establishment in 1967 by Professor Gerbrands and its further development in line with the vision of Dirk Nijland since 1974, Visual Ethnography has been taught by a team of highly experienced visual anthropologists who are dedicated to share their various practices in ethnographic filmmaking with students.


The Leiden school of Visual Ethnography is internationally renowned for it’s integrated visual and literary approach of studying anthropological themes on the one hand, and for the production of high quality documentaries by its students and staff on the other hand.


For any questions regarding the MA track Visual Ethnography, the BA course Visual Methods, the Summer Course Visual Methods or any other question regarding Visual Ethnography at Leiden University, please send us an email.