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Graduate film Marleen Oostenrijk on local television

The film ‘Over leven in Aarlanderveen’ that Marleen Oostenrijk made for her MA project, will be screened 22-28 February at the local television station Studio Alphen. It portrays the liveability of the village Aarlanderveen and what it means to its residents.

Dreams and Sacrifices

Lotte Haase finished her Master Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University in 2009. For her Master research, she conducted fieldwork in Peru and made an ethnographic film.

Insuring the Nation

Brechtje Boeke finished her MA in 2011. For her Master she conducted fieldwork in Ghana and made the ethnographic film and website 'Insuring the Nation'.

Search for an Indonesion Past

Dewi Staal conducted her fieldwork in the Netherlands. Her MA research was about how concealed events of the first generation Indo Dutch and Indonesian people in the Netherlands are examined and presented by the second and third generation. For her research, she made use of methods of visual ethnography and made an etnograpic film called 'Het verhaal uit de koffer'.

Colourful thinking

Lotte van Leengoed  qualified in Visual Ethnography in Leiden in 2012 with the film 'Een palet aan kleuren' (Colourful Thinking).

Vastgoed nomaden

Sara Blom finished her film 'Vastgoed Nomaden' in 2011. The film is about the under-exposed aspects of the anti-squat movement in Amsterdam.

2 years, 4 months and 240 bikes

Kim Buisman & Tanya Sauli made the multimedia project 'Innovative Invaders' and the ethnographic film '2 years, 4 months and 240 bikes'. The film is about the social struggle of a peer – a consequence of a legal system that essentializes persons on the base of nationality.