Graduation procedure

All students who have passed all their MA-courses and submitted the thesis for assessment, can apply for the graduation by filling out the Application form for MA graduation. This application form has to be handed in at the Secretariat of CA-OS (room 3.A19) before January 20th or August 15th, depending on whether you are planning to graduate by the end of respectively the 1st or 2nd semester.

Graduates need to make sure that they have undertaken all the steps listed on the second page of the application form before the actual graduation ceremony can take place:

Mail address
If you want to send the thesis by postal service, please use the following address:
Secretariat of the Institute CA-OS,
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW)
P.O. Box 9555
2300 RB Leiden
The Netherlands

Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony will take place the first Monday of March and the third Monday or September each year. The ceremonies are held at the Academy Building. Each graduate is addressed individually by the exam committee and the supervisor. Family and friends are welcome.

Each graduate is informed about the exact time of their own personal ceremony by e-mail. Your graduation date (the date stated on the diploma) will be the last day of the month in which the last grade is registered in Usis.

Terminating your registration

Being awarded your qualification and having graduated are not the same as being de-registered as a student of the university. If you graduate in June, July and August your registration will automatically stop at the end of the academic year (31 August). But if you graduate at another time, and you wish to terminate your registration after graduating (before the official end of the academic year), you need to submit a termination request through Studielink.  

More information on how to terminate your registration.

More information

For more information on graduation please contact our study advisor Drs. Nina Osterhaus-Simic.
Room: 3.A17
Tel: 071 - 527 3450