Sociology of Policy in Practice

Sociology of Policy in Practice is a one-year programme that focuses on policy-oriented research either abroad or at home, in the Netherlands. It offers students a mix of social scientific skills and the opportunity to work on an own personal three-month research project in the field of policy at an organisation or company.

The programme offers you:

  • Know-how on how to ‘translate’ prevailing policy problems into manageable research questions;
  • Skills to adapt and mobilise a broad spectrum of social scientific methods (qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, and digital/visual);
  • The opportunity to conduct your own three-month research project at an NGO, government agency, or company;
  • Relevant working experience and valuable network contacts.

Further information

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Study advisor
For specific questions regarding the master's programme, contact our study advisor:
Nina Osterhaus-Simic

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