The Policy Oriented Research Projects offer MA students the possibility to develop their research project in close collaboration with organizations. The collaboration is useful to both parties: The organisations engage in (development) initiatives which may gain from outcomes of anthropological research.

Carrying out this research will provide you as MA student with professional experience in the field. It advances your professional skills in training your ability to embed your research in a professional context. You can learn how to define a topic and the use of outcomes in conversations with professionals working on tangible social problems. In this way the research is more applied and useful.

Closing the Loop

Three of our MA students can carry out research in collaboration with Closing the Loop in Ghana. There are three projects.

Money from waste at Agbogbloshie

You will investigate how people make money from waste at the Agbogbloshie waste dump, in the context of the working arrangements between different workers.

Mobile waste at the Kumasi Market

You will trace the route of mobile waste at the Kumasi market and investigate the people's ideas about the mobile waste's ultimate destinations.

Workshop Environmental Awareness

You will do Closing the Loop’s mobile phone surgery workshop with Ghanaian audiences in order to investigate sociological parameters of environmental awareness and attitudes of consumption.

Contact person: Jan Jansen

Witteveen en Bos

Witteveen en Bos is an International engineers company with offices worldwide but also in Ghana.  In Ghana Wi+Bo are mainly active in the water sector with sanitation projects in urban areas and water clearing projects near mines. In all such cases new technological and infrastructural works are socially embedded and knowledge of current practices of water use and disposal are invaluable. MA students in the field school are invited to formulate a research project in the field of water management in collaboration with engineers of Wi+Bo, based in Accra.

Places: 1

Contact person: Sabine Luning


MDF West Africa

MDF West Africa is a training and consultancy firm with their office in Accra. The firm is very active in the domain of education (competence based learning) and water management. MDF is interested to collaborate with MA students in formulating research projects carried out in the vicinity of the Volta Dam (Akosombo).

Two research projects are particularly welcomed: 1) the building of the Volta Dam in the early sixties went hand in hand with large resettlement schemes.  How has this history affected the perspectives and livelihoods of youth currently living in the resettled communities? ; 2) Presently an initiative is undertaken to set up a water museum near the Volta Dam. The museum aims to show the history of the Dam, but it also wants to serve educational purposes. Social research on the use of water  and the way water sources are valued by various local groups is needed in preparation of such a museum.

Places: 2

Contact person: Sabine Luning