Field Schools


The Ghana Fieldschool offers a 4 week programme at the beginning of your three month field research. It includes training in fieldwork methods, practiced during an introduction to daily life in 3 cities; the capital on the coast Accra, the buzzing trade hub Kumasi and the fast growing urban center Tamale in the countryside of Northern Ghana.

Indonesia (Java)

The Yogyakarta Field School is in the capital of the similarly named region, Yogyakarta, strategically located between mountains and ocean, offering an ideal position from which to start your own personal project somewhere amidst the Central Javanese landscape.

The Netherlands

The Field School NL offers ten days of intensive training in fieldwork methods and mid-course feedback during the field research for projects in the Netherlands. Due to its geographic focus on the Netherlands, this field school is particularly attractive to international students, but Dutch students are welcome as well.

Financial matters

The fieldwork or internship expenses are not covered by the tuition fee for the MA programme. Field research, especially if it is done abroad, can be a costly endeavour for the student. There are, however, grants available.