26 October, 2015: Workshop Ethnographic data and management of ethics

By Peter Pels, Igor Boog, Henrike Florusbosch, Zane Kripe, and Metje Postma.
15:30-17:00h, Room 1.A21, Pieter de la Court building

Ethnographic data and management of ethics

Anthropologists and other ethnographic researchers have important insights to add to discussions about data production, ownership and management. In the social relationship of ethnographic research, the co-production of data between researcher and researched, and the possible joint ownership that entails, shed light on unique problems of social scientific ethics.

In this workshop we invite everyone to discuss the position on data management formulated by a committee of the Leiden Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. Come join the discussion of this position paper on October 26th.

Download the position paper here: Datamanagement for Anthropologists and Ethnographers  

Leiden Anthropology Blog: Management and Ethics

Read the Leiden Anthropology Blog in which Henrike Florusbosch and Zane Kripe share some thoughts on ethics, ethnography, and data in the run-up to the discussion workshop:

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